Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy (Belated) New Year Woot! Woot!

botanical gardens (Mauritius)
ile aux cerfs

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!!

Happy (Belated) New Year!!!! Another year, another opportunity to make changes, set intentions, grow and expand on this amazing adventure of life. Can you tell I'm all recharged, re calibrated and refreshed (are you appreciating my use of alliteration). Needless to say I entered the New Year well, it involved fun, standing my ground and adventure. I'm looking forward to a year of continued growth and enter it with a sense of purpose, new awareness and determination. I got to ring in the New Year on the lovely island of Mauritius  (and those of you following me on Twitter and Instagram would already know this ahem). I followed that with two restful weeks in Maputo, Mozambique. During that time, aside from fun in the sun, I got to rest and have time to come back to me. I had to face some uncomfortable realizations, always fun (sarcasm) but necessary. The biggest realization being that sometimes you fall off your emotional wagon. I'm talking about the bad life choice habits we make and issues we believe we've dealt with....yeah. Sometimes you regress and you know what? It's OK, after all we're only human. I'm not advocating falling off the wagon (whatever your personal wagon might be) but it did give me the opportunity to choose how I dealt with my misstep. I could beat myself up, which would've been my norm, but instead I decided to nurture myself. Yes I still have issues to resolve and I will. I will work through them by taking accountability, forgiving myself and moving forward with kindness. By taking accountability for my choices, I have given myself the freedom to change, forgiveness allows me to move forward and choosing to do so in kindness strengthens the change with love and nurturing. I've decided to try something new, not every valuable lesson needs to be accompanied by pain for it to matter or be important. Let's move forward this year courageously, with love, responsibility and painlessly. Hell! Let's Soar!!! On that note I will leave you with some photos from the lovely island of Mauritius.
one of the many beautiful parks and waterfalls

snorkeling at ile aux cerfs

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