Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finally a Hair Update!!!!

medium sized loose hair twists

3 years since I cut my locks off what?!?! The hair as you can see has been growing, I don't have a hair length goal and I haven't measured the length of my hair, I'm kind of just letting it do it's thing as long as it's healthy and I'm not bored with it. I am curious to see how long it'll grow just because that would be something new and different for me to try, since I usually don't have the patience to grow my hair out. My main focus has been to maintain healthy hair and learning how to take care of my loose hair. I still haven't quite gotten my full list of staple products  but I'm close. So here's what have I learned so far about this cottony loveliness that sits atop my head:
 1. I've fully surrendered to the fact that the only way I can detangle my hair is by finger detangling. Wish as I might that I could just brush or comb away my knots, my kinks have firmly told me No!
 2. coconut oil is the best detangler ever!!!!! I don't think you heard me!!!! COCONUT OIL IS THE BEST DETANGLER EVER, my hair loves the stuff and it makes detangling a breeze.
3. I am a henna head, tedious as it may be, but totally worth it. Henna strengthens my hair, gives it added thickness, I love that oh so slight burgundy hue and lucky for me it hasn't changed the texture of my hair, these naps ain't loosening up for nobody.
4. Semi protective and protective styles are my friends and that is just fine by me. While I love a good twist out or braid out, the reality of my life is I can't be bothered to style my hair every day and wearing my hair loose all the time is just a bit too high maintenance. Some loose twists, flat twists and the occasional braids with extensions allow me to still have fun with my hair, maintain an active lifestyle and less tangles.
5. My hair has to be stretched out, the lovely kinks and naps once they started to get longer my wash and go days were over, unless I feel the need to deal with a tangled mess.
6. I now need to wash my hair in twists or loose plaits, not up for debate or discussion, the kinks have spoken.
7. My hair hates mineral oil and silicone. The silicones I could introduce but that would also mean introducing sulfate shampoos and that's just too harsh for my hair. Mineral oil, petrolatum just... just no girl, I tried but she (my hair) ain't having it.

Jan. 2012, loved that cut!
There's still a bit I'm figuring out, I'm still on the hunt for a deep conditioner that I like and I'm facing a new challenge here in Toronto, they call it winter. I'm still exploring more aryuvedic herbs because my hair loves the ones I've been using so far (henna, shikaki, orange peel powder, amla). During the winter I'd like to try some crochet braids and dabble with wigs. I've switched up my routine a bit as the weather has gotten colder (that's for another post) the biggest being castor oil, which used to be too heavy for my hair in Los Angeles but is a godsend in sealing in moisture here.  So more to come but for now yeah to 3 years!
Able to bun my hair!

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