Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kicking off Black History Month

As it is February I wanted to start my first post this month honoring Black History Month. I've sometimes given Black  History month the side eye, because I've felt that the contributions to history that we of the African diasopora have maded gets shrunk into only the twentieth century, and in dedicating one month out of the year (the shortest one at that) the message seems to be ok we paid attention to "you" folks for a little bit, please go back and be quiet and ignored for the rest of the year. But you know what, that discussion and dialogue is far too much for one humble post. What I would rather do is to celebrate the wonderful women of the African diaspora who have helped shape our world and altered the course of history. I have to give a standing ovation to Ms. Johnson for this spoken word  poem and her fearlessness in sharing it with us.  Thank You!

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