Friday, October 9, 2015

My Entry into Water Only Washing

So if you read my last post you know that I'm trying to build a healthy hair regimen. I began this journey with the Max Hydration Method. I loved what it did for my hair, discovered a lot but is just not practical for my lifestyle and involves (in my opinion) too much manipulation of the hair for us kinky haired gals/guys.  I stumbled upon the water only washing method which has been receiving a lot of attention on YouTube. My first reaction was to roll my eyes, but then I happened to watch a video by Naptural85 and her updated washing routine. I was intrigued, liked what I saw and it kind of made sense to me.  So if you don't know the water only method consists of washing your hair with only water in order to allow your natural sebum to coat and protect your hair strands. You assist the "washing" (I consider it more rinsing) with the following steps:
1.Massaging - your scalp on dry hair anywhere from 5 -10 min.
2.Scrinching - not quite scratching but sorta scratching your scalp lightly in order to loosen up debris and the sebum on your scalp. This can be done on wet or dry hair
3.Preening - Smoothing the sebum down the strands of  your hair. this too can be done on wet or dry hair.
You rinse your hair under warm or as hot as you like it water. In the beginning you won't get full sebum coverage on your scalp so you can supplement this by adding an oil (preferably light) to coat your strands until you get full sebum coverage.
For a more information check out:
Before embarking on this method you should clarify your hair first either with ACV, clay wash, co wash or shampoo (sulfate free if you don't use silicones, heavy oils or waxes). I decided to try this and guys I must say so far, so good! I pretty much follow Naputral85's way of doing it except I keep my hair in twists. I use coconut oil and then after for my sealant I use flaxseed gel and my hair seems to like it (the sealant isn't part of the method, but so far it's working for me). I love that the whole process is quick, which means I more likely to be consistent with it and my hair feels great, I have amazing sheen and my twists look so damn juicy I can't get over it. With all that being said I do feel at some point I will need to go in and wash my hair. I plan to wash my hair with  bentonite clay and I will deep condition with my diluted conditioner. My thoughts so far? I like it! It's simple, easy, cheap, my hair loves it. Oh!  I forgot to mention, I don't rinse my hair everyday, I plan on rinsing twice to once a week and once a month I'll go in with my clay wash and deep conditioner in my amended version of the Max Hydration. I'm still in the testing phase of this routine. I'm going to try this out for a good solid month and if all goes well, I might just have found a regimen that works for me!
2nd time of water only washing, can you see the sheen?

close up
one more, my twists seem fuller

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