Monday, October 5, 2015

My Max Hydration Experience

Hey Girl (and Guy) Hey!

I'm back from my life was happening hiatus and it's good to be writing again.  During this haitus I let my blog, my YouTube channel and my hair slip. Folks my hair took such a backseat and was so disrespected that things finally came to a head and it said ENOUGH!!!! I had extreme dryness, breakage and my edges, the horror!!!! Gone were the monthly henna treatments, deep conditioning and protective styling became code for neglect. I am trying to reform and turn over a new leaf. I now want to nurture an environment for healthy hair and realize the full potential of my hair. What does this have to do with the Max Hydration Method you ask? Well in my quest for Operation Hair Resuscitation, I decided to try the 7 day Max Hydration Method ( I had heard about it before, but those steps, I mean who has that kind of time?!?!? It's amazing what desperation can do, because I found the time.  So for seven days I did the 5 steps religioulsly. I chose on the third day to switch to an  ACV rinse (apple cider vinegar) to claritfy because I wasn't comfortable with using baking soda on my hair that much. The results after this seven day challenge were awesome!!!! Will this be my new regimen? HELL NO! I don't have that kind of time, I don't want to manipulate my hair that much and I have concerns about hygral fatigue. My goal is to have moisturized hair that is relatively easy to detangle, I'm really not that concerned with my hair clumping and my ability to wear a wash and go.  In conclusion, I am glad I tried this because it added the much needed moisture my hair needed. I feel it has put me on the right track of creating a hair regimen that I can be consistent with. Doing this forced me to really get to know my hair in regards to density, porosity and texture, so I could understand why things worked and why certain things don't work. Things I learned:
I need to deep condition my hair
I love washing my hair with clay
lighter products are better for my hair
I need to wet my hair more often, this going two weeks without washing is not the business
Flaxseed Gel Yaasss!!!
Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
I will definitely keep elements of the Max Hydration Method but I will not be doing the 5 steps every three days. Would I recommend this method? Yes and No. If your hair is in desperate need of moisture and you are at your wits end try it but if you are currently happy with your hair and you have a solid regimen that is working for you then why fix what ain't broke. On that note lovlies, Ciao!
day 1

day 2

day 7 

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