Monday, November 7, 2011

The Importance of Protein Conditioner

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! That was my attempt at turning the most unpopular day of the week into something more positive lol! Anyways I wanted to do an update on my experience with the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment.  That treatment brought life back to my hair but I would not recommend it for everyone.  The two step treatment is extreme, it's when your hair is in DIRE need of a protein treatment and sending you SOS signals, in my case that was excessive shedding. How did this happen?!? Well when you chemically color treat your hair with permanent dye, lift your hair color and neglect to incorporate any sort of protein treatment sh@#t happens. So if you find your hair in a 911 situation and you are experiencing breakage and/or shedding but your moisturizing routine is on point, I would suggest the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment and follow the instructions to the letter!  In order to avoid going to such extremes, I would suggest a protein conditioner that is meant for regular use. Regular use for me has been every other week I condition my hair with the Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor Conditioner. I mix it with a good moisturizing conditioner (currently Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner), plop a shower cap over my hair and sit under the dryer anywhere from 5-15 min. This regular maintenance has done wonders and my shedding has stopped. I've been doing this now consistently for a month and my hair loves me again. So all you folks who are about to embark in the world of color you need to accept the fact that you will need to seriously up your conditioning game. Yes continue to obsess about making sure your hair is sufficiently moisturized because color will dry out your hair, but also include regular protein treatments because permanent color, lifts and bleach all break the protein in your hair period. Remember while you may not have changed the texture of your hair, you are still chemically altering your hair and weakening it, but with a solid regimen you should still be able to enjoy that beautiful color you just achieved:)
Ciao Bellas!

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