Friday, November 4, 2011

REHAB Hair Salon Just Gave Me A Fantastic Haircut!!!!

I am soooo happy right now as I write this post. I just got the best haircut of my life! And no I am not exaggerating,  before I wrote that sentence I did a quick memory lane of all the haircuts I've ever gotten and this one is the best. I got my beautiful cut done at Roots Exclusive Hair and Beauty (REHAB) Salon, by the wonderful stylist Sandra (Thank you girl!). I had trimmed my hair in September, got rid of the scraggly ends but it was uneven (as you probably noticed in the picture I posted). I tried to even it out, but never got it to my liking.  I liked the layers throughout my locs, but it wasn't flowing as evenly as I liked and I knew in the hands of a good stylist I could achieve the style I was going for.  I couldn't go too, too short or else I would need to take new head shots (and I'm not about to do that) but I wanted it to look styled. Sandra understood exactly what I was going for, she would double check with me before she snipped to make sure she wasn't cutting to much off. The layers now have a flow to them and this is the most stylized cut I've gotten.  Now here's the super cool thing, because they were just tidying up what I had, I only got charged for a trim! $25 for the wonderful work I received. That's a great price anywhere and in LA that's miraculous! The salon is located in the heart of Hollywood and has a very clean, professional, soothing, chilled, Afrocentric, incense burning vibe to it. Aklia's gift & jewlery store is in the front and you walk through it to get to the salon (great goodies there too!). The salon specializes in all forms of black haircare from locs, loose naturals, relaxers, weaves and more. Their prices are extremely reasonable that when Tina (another stylist there) quoted me for $25 I thought I had misheard.  I arrived on time for my appointment and was taken care of right away. If you live in the Los Angeles area and you are searching for good salon do yourself a favor and check out REHAB! Oh and the cherry on top is that the salon and gift shop are black owned Yeah!
Location: 1515 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028
Tel: 323 461-1777

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