Sunday, December 11, 2011

Biotin and MSM Update

The month of November sped by at the speed of light and now we're approaching the middle of December!!!!!! A lot has been going on in my world, one of them being I'm in the middle of moving. While I'm happy of where I'm moving to, I don't like the process it involves. But um... this has nothing to do with biotin and MSM, I apologize. Here's a quick observance of the changes that I've noticed. My new growth appears thicker and fuller. I am loving this!!! I've always lusted for thick hair, I have a lot of hair but it's fine (and yes you can have fine kinky hair). But I've also noticed my eyebrows are also thicker and let's just say when biotin aids in the condition of your hair it's  all of your hair. Certain beauty maintenance rituals have increased in frequency. As for the MSM? I'm noticing the benefits of this in my yoga class, it has supercharged my flexibility! But has it helped my hair grow faster ??? To be honest I don't know. I feel my hair has grown a lot this month but I'll be able to get a better picture once I retighten my locs.  I'll try to do it before Christmas but that's a pretty ambitious goal for me to set right now. I also want to color my hair again as my 3 month hiatus is coming to a close, but that's definitely not going to happen until the New Year! So just a quick update lovelies, have a great day!


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