Monday, September 17, 2012

Aaah Shrinkage....

Ahhh shrinkage, the bane of the kinky, coily haired gal….or is it? I’ve been a bit of a YouTube zombie of late, perusing natural hair videos and time and time again the issue of shrinkage, the battle to stretch out our hair in order to showcase its maximum length keeps coming up. I can definitely sympathize with this issue, I remember before locing my hair the slight frustration I would feel seeing how much my hair shrunk after washing it, all signs of the tremendous hair growth I had achieved gone! So now here I am, eight months since I cut off my locs and my hair has had some significant growth. I’m able to do twist outs and even cornrow my hair and that’s awesome, but the truth of the matter is I’m  more of a wash and go kinda gal. So despite the significant amount of growth my hair has done, I’ve gone from TTTTWA status (yes that’s three extra teenies thank you very much!) to TWA, I prefer my hair in its shrunken state. I know my twist outs look great, but I’m just digging the tight coiles my hair becomes when water hits it and I’m thinking we should start embracing our shrinkage. Ladies (and the few fellas out there) shrinkage is awesome!!! It’s another wonderful, EASY way to wear our hair. So what if it doesn’t showcase the true length of our hair, it still showcases the beauty and amazingness of our hair. So I urge you, challenge you next time you feel frustration at how much your hair shrinks; smile, slap some leave in, moisturizer or whatever it is you do and call it a day. Embrace the shrinkage and give your hair a break. I promise you, you’ll still be your cute selfJ

Ciao Bellas!

P.S. we’re going to have to tackle the topic of curl definition, I think we’re starting to get a wee bit obsessive about it hmmmm….

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