Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color and Condition With Henna

As I write this I'm watching Scarface (classic!) and have my hair  covered in henna and covered with a heat cap. Love Sundays and I'm loving how I've been able to to kill two birds in one stone: color and deep condition my hair. I've always been lax in the deep conditioning department but everybody and their mother professes how we must deep condition our hair. Personally I think deep conditioning should be on an as need basis, but I've found doing my once every other month henna treatment does the trick. I've noticed my hair feels stronger, fuller and I get the subtle color that I desire. I usually do a dark brown but now I'm trying auburn (you know my love of red) and I was curious to see how the Light Mountain brand works in other colors (all their ingredients are 100% natural and organic). I just mix the powder with water and some lemon juice, let it sit overnight and put it in my hair the next day. Once I've put the mixture in my hair, I sit with a heat cap for an 30min to an hour and then let the mixture sit in my hair for a few hours (today so far 3 in total). I then rinse out, follow it with a moisturizing conditioner and done. Yes using chemical color is quicker, but I wanted to lay off the chemical color for a while and with the added conditioning benefits, henna is just right.  Remember if you are going to use henna make sure it is body art quality henna and the other ingredients are all natural a great site for more information is  Have a great Sunday evening:)


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