Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Afro Puff...Or Another Personal Hair Milestone

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!!! So this past week-end, I was getting ready to go to an 8 hour acting workshop, and the previous night I had put my hair in twists and was looking forward to my super, duper, cute and reliable twist out. Well I had washed my hair at night, did my twists on freshly washed hair assuming it would be all dry and cute in the morning....I assumed wrong.  What to do? WHAT TO DO?!?!!!! No time to re-wet my hair,  so I dared to see if I could pull it into a puff and (this is where you hear the angels sing) my first afro puff was born. And yes lovelies it is a small puff, but a puff all the same. Did this puff change the world? Well ....the sky is still blue, birds still fly and Beyonce is still fierce (how amazing was that Super Bowl halftime show!!!) so while my puff didn't change the world, it brought a smile to my face and I did a little happy dance at the progress of my hair.

I present the puff
P.S. The workshop was awesome!!!


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